Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Starbucks Refreshers Very Berry Hibiscus

When I initially tried the Starbucks Refreshers, I was in an actual Starbucks, and was slightly disappointed when I found out that they had made my drink from a powder. I have seen/heard enough good things about them to decide it was worth a second try.

I didn't go to Target intentionally seeking them out, but as I wandered through the aisles the packaging caught my eye, so I decided to read it. That's when I noticed that these actually contain caffeine, and the whole purpose behind the drink was to "refresh" you during the afternoon when you need a little pick-me-up. I was sold!

 I brought them home last night and decided I would give them a try this afternoon since I'm usually completely exhausted after work. The caffeine wasn't enough for me to feel a little buzz like I usually get from coffee, but just enough to make me feel slightly energized and not needing a nap.

These are sweetened with Stevia, which is apparent in the flavor, but it wasn't anything a little fresh squeezed lemon couldn't fix ;)... and actually made it taste similar to their Passion Tea Lemonade! I will continue to use up this box, but at this point, I don't think I would repurchase these for a whopping $7.00 a box at Target. If you are purchasing these from Starbucks, I would suggest buying the powders and making them yourself, because with a box of 6, it breaks down to a little more than a dollar a drink, which is a steal compared to the in-store price.

Boba (Pearl Tea) at Home

Having a Pearl Tea house so close to my home may seem like a blessing, but when I realized that I have spent over fifty dollars there in the past month, I knew I needed to cut back. If you love boba as much as I do, you quickly realize cutting back isn't really an option. So now I have embarked on what seems to be a never ending journey to preparing the perfect boba at home. I have tried many brands from my local Asian markets, without success. I either have trouble with the flavor or the texture, but generally it is both. . . at once. I have even tried sneakily asking questions at the Pearl Tea house I visit, without sounding like I am trying to start my own business based off of what they are telling me. I would love to hear any suggestions of where to purchase the best quality pearls, and also how to prepare them. For those who don't know the answer; have you ever tried boba before? If so, what is 
your favorite drink, and have you ever attempted to make your own at home?


Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Beauty To-Do List

What is on your Summer To-Do List? With all the time you have off from school, (for those of you who don't work full-time or take Summer school) the weather can make it extremely tempting to lounge by the pool and sun bathe all day. Instead, fight the urge and take some time to escape from the heat outside and do some organizing! One of my goals this Summer is to organize my house, starting with my beauty room. As you can see here, I have organized my vanity. I just filmed a video on it and it should be posted to my youtube channel soon: http://www.youtube.com/user/tiffanyespinosa Check it out if you are interested in learning some neat inexpensive organizational tips and getting some inspiration for your own vanity!