Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Blog Post: An Introduction to My Blog

As the majority of those who will be the first to view my blog already know; I make videos on YouTube. I originally started making my YouTube videos for two reasons:

1. To help people
2. Out of boredom

I have come further than I would have ever imagined, and am quickly approaching 10,000 subscribers. For me, this is a blessing, and one day I would hope to be among the most popular gurus, but we all know that it is going to take some time.

Being and English major, I've always naturally felt inclined to start a blog, and now that I have a small following, I figured this would be the time to start. My intentions in starting this blog are to appeal those who enjoy reading blogs and to put my English major to good use. Partially, because I have a feeling that this maybe all it is good for (sarcasm. . . not really, though). But mainly, and most importantly, to present my information and express my way of living and interests in a different form.

I hope that you all would support me in this journey, as I am new to the whole experience. Through reading my blogs, I feel that you will all get to know me much better, and I am thankful for having the oppourtunity to share my knowledge with you about fashion, health, fitness, mental clarity, cosmetics, and the daily antics that come along with my life.

Well, now that I have my formal introduction out of the way: WELCOME TO MY BLOG EVERYONE!!!! :)! I am really excited to start this, but need YOUR help! So, if you could all be so kind as to comment down below and give me some ideas of what kind of posts you would like to see in the near future, that would be greatly appreciated!

Love you guys,