Friday, December 14, 2012

Critical Life Mantra: Quantity Over Quality

Since Christmas was coming up, my boyfriend wanted me to pick out an extravagant gift for myself. As a woman, I was naturally inclined to choose shoes. 

I truly see no point in buying a versatile quality pair of shoes if you wear it once a year "for special occasions" but continue to wear the lower quality items that rip and tear easily on a daily basis. 

When I was in high school I would literally want as much as my parents were willing to buy me, despite quality. Now that I have a more matured fashion sense, I look back at my high school state of mind (and fashion sense) and I shudder. 

Over time, I have developed a sense of style that is uniquely different from those in my town, or at least a few months ahead of everyone else (que drumroll). I have limited funds and resources here in Fresno, so I make due with what I can, while still attempting to set myself apart from the bandwagon. 

Since I began purchasing my own clothes I developed a "Wardrobe Mantra" that my teenage Tiffany would slap myself for professing:

Quality Over Quantity

I feel as an adult, this is one of the most important concepts in life to grasp, as a whole: 

Less true friends over more fake friends.

A healthy salad over two bags of hot Cheetos. You get the hint.

In our day and age we are all about more, more, MORE. But not only do we want more, we want more of the best, no matter how redundant or unnecessary each item is in our life. You know, the whole, "I want the iPhone, Macbook, and iPad, iPod..." Guilty as charged. 

When all we really need to do is assess our lives, our taste, and our needs to figure which item would work best for us. Sure it takes some time and thought, but in the end, you feel free. 

This simple mantra can help you overcome clutter, the feeling of being overwhelmed, never being satisfied, always wanting or "needing" more, dependence on material things, feeling the need to "keep up with Jones'", neglected lipstick and clothing, buyers remorse, and worst of all:

Seeing a closet full of clothes and not knowing what the hell to wear.

Let this be the beginning of a revolution. Just kidding. This will be the beginning of a series of posts that will teach you how to change your way of thinking. I will be highlighting life lessons, certain articles of clothing (great for men as well) and womanly things that will help you abolish all of the unnecessary in  your life.

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